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Room 2 Camp 2016

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Year 7 & 8 Camp 2016

Abseiling at Camp
We went on a track with Keiran and we put on a red helmet and had a harness around my tummy. We got to a cliff and we had to abseil down it. I was scared. Robbie helped hold the long rope at the bottom of the cliff.
Cam helped me go down the rocks by telling me when to walk.
Dad watched me and Mum took some cool photos of me abseiling.
By Willie

As we tramped through the green forest track, 1 million butterflies fluttered around in my stomach.  My carabiner got clipped onto the rope.  Balls of sweat started to drip down my forehead as I steadied myself to abseil down the monstrous cliff of death.  Was this the last of Poppy Dove?
Luckily there was a team of people helping me through the near death experience.  A huge relief washed over me as I was unclipped from the rope.  I had made it out alive.  But that wasn’t the last of the abseiling.
The group of young warriors wandered through the slippery rocks.  Ahead of us lay a humongous rock and along with it lay our next task. 
After some of my fellow warriors it was my turn to take one for the team.  I started to rope climb over the rushing river.  I was just about to make it to the end when I heard a ‘click’, something had snapped and I started to fall into the freezing cold water.  The clear water rushed over me but that wasn’t the only liquid, there was something ….red.  Blackness consumed me….
Just kidding!
I had made it across the river alive and had a blast doing it.  My feet didn’t slip once (okay maybe once or twice). 
That is my experience of abseiling. 
By Poppy








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